Veja Small Esplar Laces Chromefree Extra White Macha Lavande

Veja Small Esplar Laces Chromefree Extra White Macha Lavande

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White ‘Esplar’ sneakers from Veja Kids. Made of chrome-free leather, this lace-up pair features a logo printed on the tongue, swappable laces, purple heel tab and a greyish green V patch made of suede. The mesh inner lining made from recycled materials was developed to acquire a better resistance to friction. The organic-sourced and recycled insole is made from sugar cane, Amazon rubber, organic cotton and recycled EVA foam. It is set on a cream rubber sole made of organic and recycled materials.

Named in tribute to a Brazilian NGO the label has been working with since 2005. ESPLAR (Rural Planning and Consulting Association) supports organic and family farming in the Nordeste region.

This leather undergoes an innovative tanning process where no chrome, heavy metals or dangerous acids are involved. By simplifying the tanning process, the use of chemicals and energy is limited, the use of water is reduced by about 40% and the use of salt by 80%. After tanning, the water is recyclable.

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