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Veja Baby Canvas Babe in California Ouro

Veja Baby Canvas Babe in California Ouro

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Upper: Organic cotton (100%)

Panels: Organic cotton (100%)

Logo V: Amazonian rubber (26%), mineral silica (22%), synthetic rubber (14%) and others (38%)

Outsole: Vegan suede

Lining: Organic cotton (100%)

Laces: Tech (100% recycled polyester)

Made in Brazil


All cotton employed by VEJA is certified organic. The organic cotton we use has, at least, one of the following certifications: USDA organic, EU organic, GOTS, and Brazi­lian Participatory Guarantee System.


Cotton is cultivated in Brazil and Peru by associations that respect people and the environment, according to fair trade principles. In Brazil, cotton is organic and agroecological. This agriculture enriches the land after being cultivated by improving the diversity of species cultivated and water retention in the soil. In Peru, farmers grow certified organic and regenerative cotton. They receive support in their certification process and receive technical and financial assistance to improve their production.

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