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Captain & Skipper

Captain & Skipper Conditioner

Captain & Skipper Conditioner

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Created exclusively for growing kids and formulated for all hair types. This Conditioner is thoughtfully crafted to replenish moisture and detangle hair without the use of harsh chemicals like dyes, sulfates, and parabens.

Captain & Skipper's Conditioner contains a unique blend of moisturizing, plant powered ingredients including Avocado Oil, rice protein, and root and seed extracts. These ingredients leave your child’s hair soft, smooth, and easier to brush. Sleep easy knowing if your child goes to bed with wet hair, the detangling power of these ingredients makes brushing hair in the morning easier.

The enchanting, kid-approved scents in every bottle leave their hair smelling fun and clean after each wash. Using Captain & Skipper Conditioner will leave your hair detangled, moisturized, and ready for its next adventure.

Remember, Captain & Skipper Conditioner is best used with Captain & Skipper Shampoo & Body Wash for best results as a complete self care routine.

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